Customer Review

Janet Orsi

The best care we ever could have hoped for! Jone and his team are angels and took wonderful care of our Dad. (This is my Dad in the photo here) He provided Dad with a trusting friendship forever. They became buddies and shared laughs and sport games together. He lived in the house 24/7 after Mom passed away, and took Dad to medical appointments, did the grocery shopping, cooked meals (with Dad directing  , did light household chores, walked the dog, and was very attentive to Dad's needs and personal care. Jone filled the house with a gentle, loving, supportive atmosphere. My siblings and I would go over to the house after work and Jone would update us on what the day was like. He took notes at Dad's appointments when one of us couldn't be there. We are so blessed to have found Jone. I am highly recommending Jone and his Fijian Homecare Angels to care for your dear family member. You can rest assured that your loved one is in gentle, attentive, calm, loving hands. 

Schmit Bauer

Jone Wesley took care of my Dad and did a wonderful job. He provided excellent care in a kind dignified manner. I highly recommend.